"Sex and relationships are part of our everyday lives. I will never understand a society where sexual repression exist and people are not allowed to be themselves, safely and without guilt."   -Adira Rose

Born and raised in Central california, I grew up with the amazing ability to express myself freely. My mother was a hippie and she taught me to speak freely about my sexuality and to be proud of who I am and what I wanted to do with my life. I kept this outlook and sexual expression my entire life, until I moved to Texas. I could say that moving to Texas was the worse mistake of my life, or the best? When I moved to Texas 10yrs ago I didn't realize just how conservative (sexually repressed) the people in the state of texas are. Because of this inability to relate to the people around me, I decided to start a podcast about Sex and Relationships in our modern day society, and the Adira Rose Show has been my life and passion ever since. 

In all fairness, I don't blame the people of Texas. After all, we are what we grow up with. So I take it upon myself to talk about taboo topics with the hope, that maybe, some people can potentially choose a different way of thinking.

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